A Little Bit On Me And Online Business


Me And Business

One thing that I have not told you but you may have already noticed is that my English is not very good but I will be improving over time, so I apologize if my posts have any grammatical errors.

This time I want to tell you why I chose online business as an option, and that you get to know a little bit on me and online business.

And for that I am going to give you a little bite on me


The Way We Are Educated

When I went to school they teach you how to work hard, study hard, spend a lot of time on books and homework.

They prepare you for a job, in which you dedicate many hours of the day, every day, so that they pay you something that is not good enough and with which you will not be able to meet many goals that you have in mind.

I realized that and changed jobs, trying to improve the situation, but I found a similar situation, and then I changed my job again and found myself in the same situation once again.

So reflecting on how the way we are educated is structured, I think we have to look for alternatives to the jobs that are offered to us, since they educate you preparing for a job, but they should educate you to build your own business. There was something inside me that told me that there was a chance to earn more money, to earn what I wanted, and then I began to look for alternatives in my mind. And then an opportunity came to me that changed the way I see things and changed the way I designed my destiny.


Network Marketing

The opportunity I’m talking about was a network marketing opportunity, a family member invited me to one of their meetings, and what I learned there caused something to click inside me.

One of the things that motivated me the most when I was there was the concept of passive income, one has that information but does not raise awareness until it is presented in the proper way.

I knew that artists made money that way, but I did not know the name as that form of income was known and I did not know that making money that way was closer than I imagined. In other words, earning passive income was at my fingertips.

Another way that caught my attention is the concept of leverage, which in this type of business is done precisely through a network, that’s why the name of marketing networks.

And in these types of networks I met incredible people, people who radiated an impressive positive energy, who contagious you to keep going, to follow your dreams, who helped you in the doubts you had, but also with a mental strength that you do not find anywhere.

And all experience made me open my mind to new alternatives to make money, and although I spent some time in this network marketing company, I discovered online businesses where I realized that you could make more money with passive income and in less time than in the company where I was, and also using knowledge about the things I liked the most, and it starts my change to online business and specifically to affiliate marketing.

I will always be grateful to accept that invitation to that network marketing business meeting because it caused me to later search for information on passive income businesses and find affiliate marketing.

And the affiliate marketing is one of the things that I appreciate the most when doing business, and more because you can do it in practically any niche, and that is very important because you can do it in the niche that you are passionate about, and do a business of something you like is phenomenal.

Affiliate Marketing


When I got to know affiliate marketing, I remember that I signed up via email to receive a digital course on affiliate marketing and internet business in general, it really cost me to understand the various ways you can earn money through affiliate marketing To understand it at first, I had to read entire paragraphs of that digital course several times in an Ebook, it was something new for me, but when I started to understand the potential, I was excited and thought that my dreams could come true in a much easier way you have found before.

But I don’t want to confuse anyone when I say in an easier way; it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to do a lot of hard work before you have results. Hard work will be there before you get results. But the way to do that hard work is easier than some other way to do hard work.

The important thing was to find your niche, make your website according to that niche, upload useful content to your followers, and keep uploading content, working hard, getting more followers over time, having your pages optimized to earn money from one or Several ways, one of them is clear and for me the main one is affiliate marketing.

Currently I am still building my business, as I write this I am still learning and looking for ways to improve and help others to improve.

As Final Comments To This Post


I want to point out that there was always something inside me that drove me to look for other alternatives for my life, to look for a better life, that’s why I changed from job to job, maybe that’s why I was also open to attend a marketing network meeting, and attending that meeting helped me clarify my ideas of what I wanted and that in order to achieve it, a business with passive income was ideal to achieve it.

Affiliate marketing clicked on me in such a way that I left the marketing networks.

Here I want to underline again if you are a member of a marketing network that is fine, it is an excellent option, I am very grateful to this type of business, and I respect them a lot, perhaps at some point in online business I will take them up again, But now I have decided to focus on affiliate marketing because I feel that I can express myself better through this type of business regarding my tastes.


email: chuymar@makemoneyonlinewithchuy.com

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