Click Magic

Click Magic

It is a link tracking program, it analyzes if your ads are succeeding or not or if your links are succeeding or not, or how long they exist, it verifies if people are clicking how much and how often.

With this program you can realize that campaigns you have created are more successful than others and take action on it, to create more campaigns of the type that were better for you.

Click Magic has the ability to track even the most elaborate sales funnels.

It also has the ability to track on different devices, that is, to cross-track its links. If your customers use a link on the computer, then they switch to cell phones and lastly to a tablet, they will be tracked on each one of these devices.

You can do split tests intelligently and automatically, when you test to see what kind of action works best, sometimes you make decisions very early to rate a winning action, but with Click Magic you will statistically analyze these actions and then really present the action to them truly winner.

Statistics and analysis of Click Magic is in real time, that is, you will have the information on conversion rates, advertising spending, profits, ROI, return on advertising spending, average order value among other things in real time.

GEO And Mobile Targeting

you can find out through the Click Magic tracking links the geographical location of your visitors and through which device they follow you and so if they are following you from a laptop when visiting your website, the version of your site optimized for a laptop and if they do it from a cell phone the version for cell phones will open and this will optimize your conversions.

Affiliate Marketing Tool

Click Magic, although it can be used for many other things, was originally created by a super affiliate to manage his own affiliate business, and this makes Click Magic have specialized knowledge in the area, so you will have a huge advantage over others. Affiliates using Click Magic.

Click Rotators

they are a system for the delivery of traffic to distribute the incoming traffic to as several URLs as proposed. It has 5 different types of rotators and dozens of options.

Automatic BOT Filtering

Click Magic analyzes the different bots that may exist and classifies the harmful bots that, for example, generate false clicks; this information is important since these harmful bots can ruin your statistics and generate false information. But with Click Magic you can locate harmful bots and even block them.

Automatic Traffic Quality Analysis

determines which traffic sources are of quality to you and which traffic sources are wastes of money.

Knowledge Base

Over 400 articles and tutorials, screenshots, and videos are available to you that tell you what you want to know about tracking, testing, and optimizing your advertising.

Customer Support

Standard and professional users receive chat support approximately 18 hours a day, on-board calls and telephone support.

In the startup plan, the average response time is approximately one hour, 24/7.


First of all, it should be noted that all plans have a 14-day trial period.

The plans are as follows:

Starter Plan: $ 27 per month, recommended for new marketers, Up to 10000 clicks / month, Unlimited Conversions, All Core Features, Funnel tracking (1 Funnel), 2 Custom tracking domains, 6 – month data retention, 8-hour Helpdesk support .

Standard Plan: most popular plan, $ 67 per month, Up to 100,000 clicks / month, unlimited Conversions, All Core Features, Cross-Device Tracking, Phone Sales Tracking, PPC Click Shield, Funnel Tracking – 5 Funnels, 10 custom tracking domains, 1-year data retention, 1- Hour Helpdesk support, Fanatical Live Chat support, 1-On-1 On boarding Call, “I’m stuck!” Phone Support, Paid Traffic Courses.

Pro Plan: $ 97 per month, Up to 1,000,000 clicks / month, Unlimited Conversions, Al Core Features, Cross-Device Tracking, Phone Sales Tracking, PPC Click Shield, Funnel Tracking – Unlimited, Unlimited custom domains, 2-year data retention, 1 -Hour Helpdesk support, Fanatical Live Chat support, 1-On-1 On boarding Call, “I’m stuck!” Phone Support, Paid Traffic Courses.


This tool is used to track your links and analyze your strategies and links to determine future actions depending on how your current strategies work, which will help you increase your sales or conversions in addition to saving money by identifying what is not working, Its tracking level is very specific and precise, it also helps you identify and differentiate malicious bots from those that are not, which will help you avoid false statistics in your analysis and protect your clicks, links and strategies.

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