Create Your Youtube Account

Creating a YouTube account is very important for your online business, you can imagine the reach power that YouTube has, therefore you want to take advantage of the scope of YouTube and Create your YouTube account.

Create an account is simple, it will ask you for some information such as your name, email, password.

Let me recommend that if you already have a YouTube account for other things, it is better that you get a new one destined only for your business, only for your niche, if you have several niches you should have one per niche, never stir the videos it does not look professional and your followers can get confused.

Customize Your Channel

Upload a photo of yourself where you can see yourself clearly, people want to meet you,

Upload a Header for your YouTube channel that has to do with your niche, and that is striking for your followers.

A place where you can get templates of headers and images without copyright is I like this alternative but if you don’t like it, you will surely find more in the internet universe.

In the description part of your channel, talk about yourself and the things that people can find on your channel, that is, what niche your channel is oriented for, etc.

In this area there are a part of links there you can put your Facebook and other social networks that you have and your website so that people can visit you and have more followers.

Upload Videos Frequently

In order for the YouTube search engine to take you into account, you must upload quality, original and frequent videos, so set a weekly goal for videos to upload and meet that goal,

It tries that the videos have useful information for people,

If you are going to make an informative video on a topic such as fleas on cats, give certain information in your video and at the end invite them to your website to learn more information that complements that of the video, thus causing more people to visit your site Web.

If you are going to make a review of a product, try to be honest, without exaggerating the benefits of the product, remember that people look for a video to learn more about the product and make an informed decision if you lie to them you will lose credibility and visitors, it is obvious But remember to put in the description area of your video a link to the product purchase page in case the person is convinced to buy it, do it at once


Includes A Thumbnail Image

You have seen that when you search for a video on YouTube, a representative image appears in each video of the search results, well that is the thumbnail image.

The thumbnail is important because it is what everyone sees before choosing to click on a video, so try to make it attractive to the public, and to describe what your video is about.

Remember because on this page you can find templates and royalty-free images for your YouTube thumbnail image.

In your include a thumbnail image that is striking and descriptive of the content of your video can make the difference in that people click on the video or not, now to keep watching your video quality information is important and that arouse their interest right away, to keep them throughout the video.

Affiliate Link And Website

It is good to remind you that in the description of each video you put links to the product you are recommending, I know this is obvious but many people forget to put it because they focus so much on creating the content of the video, when uploading it forgets them. So make sure you put it on.

Also, put your link to your website in the description if people liked your video they would also like to follow you to your website and you will have more visitors.


If keywords are important to YouTube as well, so find a keyword that doesn’t have much competition to integrate into your title, and put some others in the tag part of the video. Avoid over saturating keywords. Let everything look natural.

Video Editors

It is good to get a video editor because it will increase the quality of your video, you will be able to use tools that will make your video more beautiful and more professional.

On the network there are multiple video editing programs, you can search for the one that best suits your needs, I recommend that you choose one that has the function of recording from the webcam, that has the function of recording the screen of your PC, and that You can also create stories with this program. All these functions are useful for product promotion strategies, or for the description of topics in general.

Other Tips

Every time you upload your videos, invite people to take action, if you are promoting a course, invite them to click on the course link, which you should put in the video description.

If you are talking about another topic in which you are not promoting anything, but you are giving valuable information, invite them to comment on your video, like them, and visit your website with the link in the description.

always invite people to take some kind of action, people like to see you in your videos but sometimes they forget to like or comment if you remind them they will do it more easily.

When you are starting and you do not have many views it is good to tell a friend that you like your videos and comment something, these things will help your video to position itself better


Creating an account on YouTube and constantly uploading videos on it is important because it can function as a source of visitors to your website that can be translated as possible future buyers.

They are also important because they can serve as a review of a product that you are promoting and invite

Go for your dreams.


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