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Email Marketing

If you want to make money and it grows you need to use email marketing how an alternative, Email Marketing in Busines is a great idea.

Email marketing is a system where through emails you send product promotions or courses, but with a strategy.

In email marketing it can be used in different types of online business, such as E magazine, Blogs, Affiliate Marketing, E shops, etc.

What Is It About?

Depending on the type of business you manage, you must establish and design a business strategy with your emails; you have to design how many emails you are going to send your customers about a product and for how long and when to send them promotions of another product or other services another time, if you buy a product to offer now, etc.

If you have noticed there are physical stores that also have their business online, and when you buy a device online in one of these stores they ask you for your email, in the email they send you information to verify the delivery process, but at the same time They ask you for permission to send you information about promotions, if you accept that they send you promotions, they will be doing email marketing with your email, they will send you promotions related to what you bought, they will also send you promotions of things that most people buy commonly.

If you have an E shop, it is an excellent idea to use this strategy, to keep your customers informed of new products and new promotions.

Within affiliate marketing, email marketing is essential, if you have bought something under the affiliate program system, you will have noticed that when you bought a product either free or paid, you have left your email, and then they send you other promotions related to the product you bought, and over time the person who sold you that product continues to send you emails, several emails, either informative, or with new promotions for products and services, in all this you should pay attention Because it is a key piece of many internet businesses and you should consider using this strategy because you can make a lot of money using it.

How To Do Email Marketing

If you are going to use the email marketing strategy, and you plan to do all the work by yourself, perhaps it will take a long time and you will not be able to have a good in boxing.

Good in boxing means that you get most emails to reach your customers’ inbox. Also, if the emails you sent do not achieve a good in boxing, it is as if you had not sent them.

An important detail to achieve in boxing is to send emails from a domain account, for example it is better to use, instead of a gmail or yahoo account for example, that is, instead of using a free email service account .

To have a good in boxing a good autoresponder is an excellent tool, also the strategy that you are going to use in your email marketing can be programmed in the autoresponder, depending on the decisions that your clients make in the emails that you send them, then the autoresponder will It will help you to have better in boxing and it will help you to lighten your work within your email marketing strategy. In order for your list to continue growing, an autoresponder is essential, however if you realize that in your list there are accounts that do not buy anything, it is perhaps because they are abandoned accounts, and an autoresponder verifies that you do not buy anything, which will serve to take the decision to remove them from your list, and work only with accounts that generate income.

This is important because the autoresponder charges you depending on the size of your list, and it makes no sense to keep someone on your list who never buys anything from you and also charge you for keeping them on your list.

In email marketing you should always keep in mind what promotions or products to present to your lists, since if you neglect your list someone else will be sending them promotions, courses and products and someone else will be making money with your lists, and you will be losing presence in their emails, so it is important to be consistent with your lists, sending them tips, anecdotes, promotions, courses and products. It is well-known that the money is on the list and that is why we must take care of the list, cause it to grow and develop. The list is what can generate passive income over time.

In the affiliate marketing niche, the autoresponders I recommend are Aweber and GetResponse, they have an excellent in boxing and have many functions that will help you in your business.

In other niches such as E shops, you should verify that autoresponders are the ones that will serve you the best.

How To Get Emails


There are several ways to grow the size of your email lists, for example if you have a content web page on it you can put an email capture format, where you can offer them a gift as a free mini course and ask them to give it to them their email, you mention that you are going to be sending them valuable information so that they are attentive to their email.

Another way is to buy spaces on other websites, where your ads appear and where the people who clicked on your ads are sent to a landing page where they are provided with a product in exchange for their email.

It is important to clarify that when you send emails to people you should ask them to mark your emails as a contact, and to keep you as a contact so that the email does not send your emails to spam.


One of the most beneficial marketing strategies is email marketing, it works for different types of online businesses, however if you get to use this strategy the best way to carry it out is by integrating a tool that is the autoresponder, it will facilitate the work you can program your strategy in the autoresponder, it will also ensure a high level of in boxing.

It is important to have a domain email address.


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