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In some previous post I talked about the autoresponders now I am going to tell you more specifically about one this autoresponder is Get Response

Get Response in one of the best autoresponders in the world, with a delivery capacity of 99%, that is, 99% of the emails that are sent through Get Response reach your contacts.

It Has Several Functions Such As:

Newsletters: these are messages that you can send one time announcing updates and offers to your contacts.

Autoresponders: you can send automated follow-up emails to your subscribers who are already on your list thanks to this function.

Automated emails: after someone buys you a product or visits your website and leaves their email, you can send follow-up emails to your contacts.

Shipments of specific segments: if you are managing different subscriber lists with different profiles, you can obtain higher conversion rates through very specific groups of recipients.

Perfectly synchronized emails: Get Response integrates delivery tools called Perfect Timing and Time Travel into your program that help emails reach the correct inbox at the right time.

It also has an automation for your email marketing where you can mark your contacts depending on how committed they are to the emails you send them, if they open them or not, if they click on the links in the emails, all this serves to By differentiating your committed contacts from those who are not, take different actions towards them.

You can also individually tag your contacts to see if this or that client is a buyer of a specific product and know what campaign to send them now, or if another client bought you a course two months ago, another one a month ago, another one does a week and tag it as a recurring buyer and take action on it.

Each email you send can be customized with predesigned templates.

Landing Pages: they are pages that serve to collect traffic and potential customers in your business. Using ready-made sales funnels to add products or services to your page.

You can make several landing pages with different designs to test them and see which one works best for you and then guide a new strategy with the winning landing page.

Webinars: if in Get Response you have the Webinar function where you can schedule your lists invitations to your webinars send them follow-up emails after the webinar, or even have the webinar prerecorded so that it is available for your list when they want to see it.

The correct use of webinars can attract higher purchase or enrollment conversions to your products or courses.

You can also analyze the information that was generated in your webinars, that is, how many attendees were and from which part of the world, how many stayed from the beginning to the end, how many of them took advantage of the offer you presented to them, etc.

All this information will help you to design future marketing strategies.

Also, on their page they have links to a blog where they have courses to teach you how to use the different Get Response tools.


There are 4 different plans that Get Response offers but in any of them you have a 30-day free trial.

These are the different plans: Basic, Plus, Professional, Max, each of these plans is based on a specific amount of the size of your list that can range from 1,000 to 100,000, where the price changes depending on the size of the list you need and choose, in addition each plan has unique characteristics that I will describe below based on a list size of 1000, the max plan can be customized in a very particular way.

Basic: list size 1000, priced at $ 13 a month, includes E-mail Marketing, Autoresponders, Unlimited Landing Pages, Unlimited Automation Models, Sales Funnel (1 funnel), Unlimited Lead Funnels, Facebook Ads, can sell electronic products.

Plus: It is the most popular, list size 1000, $ 45 a month, includes everything from the basic plus Automation Creator (5 workflows), Webinars (maximum 100 attendees) score and contact tagging, sales funnel ( 5 funnels) teamwork (3 users) Webinar Funnels (5 funnels).

Professional: list size 1000 price $ 89 a month, includes everything from Plus Unlimited automation creator, paid webinars, webinars (maximum 300 attendees) Unlimited sales funnels, Unlimited webinar funnels, teamwork (5 users ) webinars on demand.

Max: it is a personalized and flexible plan depending on what the client occupies, with personalized prices, it includes everything from the Professional plus transactional Emails (paid complement), dedicated support, Dedicated IP Address, Delivery Consulting, single sign-on ( SSO ) Webinars (maximum 500 attendees), email campaign consulting.

The important thing here is to analyze each plan to see which one best suits your needs.

Click Magick

If you liked what you can find in Get Response and you want to buy it, let me recommend another program called Click Magic which is a tool to track links and manage them, the two programs complement each other in a future post I will talk in more depth about Click Magic.

My Online Start Up (MOS System)

Now if you decide to integrate these two tools into your marketing strategies, let me recommend you one more program, its name is myonlinestartup. You can register and receive a free affiliate marketing course where they teach you everything related to this business, but if you become a Partner or In Legendary Partner, you sign up for Get Response and Click Magic right there, and the advantage is that by inviting people to sign up for myonlinestartup, Chuck the creator of this program already has prepared 165 emails to send to your subscribers where It will promote them to become a Partner and legendary Partner, also it will send them multiple promotions from other programs and you will earn money from all the people on your list who buy the programs that Chuck promoted them, practically you will only have to send people to your list and Chuck will send with your Done For You system. He is also preparing more emails even to send them with more promotions, and you will continue to earn from all that.

And that’s just one of the ways to earn money with that system. If you want to know more, I recommend that you sign up for the free course and find out in the tab to become a legendary Partner and everything you can earn.

In this link you can subscribe


Get Response is one of the best Autoresponders, if you have decided to integrate it into your business tools, I suggest you take a look at the myonlinestartup program

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