How To Create A Website Fast (WordPress, SiteGround)

The website will become the center of your online business, where you will write publications that will be useful to your followers and where you can generate multiple forms of economic income.


Choose Your Niche

The first thing you should do is choose your niche, if you want you can see my post about this here, How To Determine Your Niche


Choosing A Hosting

Then you must choose a Hosting which I recommend the most is in WordPress at SiteGround, since it is a secure, fast and reliable hosting, you can also create an email with the name of your domain example: that is Look more professional compared to a free service email like Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo mail etc.

If you choose SiteGround click on configure site and it will automatically take you to the steps that I more or less explain below


Your Domain And The Name Of Your Website

Since you have chosen your niche you must choose a domain for your niche, I recommend .com or .net which are the ones that people look for the most and with whom they feel most comfortable and safe,

When choosing your domain you have to know that spaces are not allowed in the name of your domain so the domain can be for example: look it up in a domain search engine to see if it is not already registered by someone else, If you are already registered, look for another domain that is in harmony with your niche, since you have your domain registered, you must choose the name of your website and the name of your website will be that of your domain but with the respective spaces between the words for example Make Money Online With Chuy.

Choose a Theme

Since you have all this, you must choose a theme for your website, there are several predesigned you must choose one that you like and think is useful for what you want to propose on your website.

If you have decided to choose the SiteGround option with WordPress there you can choose a function called WordPres Starter which is a tool where you can see and choose from a list of more than 30 professional site designs for your website, and add various functions such as for example a portfolio or an online store area for your site.



 Posts and Pages

Since you have your domain and your website named and with the design you chose, well now you must be ready to start writing and I am going to tell you the differences between Posts and Pages.

In the posts, your followers can ask and comment on what they like.

Comments are limited on the pages.

Since you want to interact with your followers, I suggest that you write your comments that you make, configure them as posts and upload the Privacy Policy information of your website as a page.

And always remember that if you want to make a new post, you must follow these steps:

Login to SiteGround, click on websites, WordPress toolkit, wordpress administrator, maybe they will ask for your email and password, enter the information and start, posts, add new.

And so you can start writing a new post when you decide.


Other Things You Should Take Into Account

Already when you logged into WordPress one of the things you have to take into account is how the information is going to be seen on your website in each post you make, for that it is important that you click on the Widgets tab, there they will appear multiple boxes.

I recommend that you check the function of those tables as follows:

Open a post of your website in a different window.

In WordPress in the Widgets area click on Recent posts, then click on the right sidebar, a box will open to the side in the box you click on done.

Then you go to the post that you have open in another window you notice how the appearance of your website is and you give it to update.

Did you notice the changes?

I suggest that you repeat this exercise on the Recent Post, Page and Widget Footer, Footer Bar, and Top Bar tabs.

All this so that you can see what your site looks like and you can decide what decisions to make regarding the aspect of the information that will appear on your website.

All the actions of the exercise can be eliminated if you did not like the objective of the exercise is to know how each of these boxes work on your website and to personalize it in the best way or the most suitable for you.

Another tip if you did not like the theme you chose for your website in the appearance tab you can change it by choosing the one you like best among several options.

One more thing: go to the users tab, add new, fill in the required data, add a new user and then you go to the pages tab, all pages, you hover over the pages you have, click on quick edit and you change the user for the new one that you created the same thing you do in the posts tab, so your posts and pages will have your name on your website.



To determine your domain and the name of your website you must first decide your niche, then you can proceed to register your domain if your domain already exists then you will look for another that works for your niche I recommend .com and .net domains because they convert they better attract people more and build more confidence.

For hosting you can decide on the internet between the various options but the one that I recommended is SiteGround since it has WordPress in addition to that it has proven to be an excellent, fast and safe option at a good price.

You must choose a design for your website from the options that your service gives you.

You must know the difference between page and posts, the posts is the one that I recommend for your common and constant writings.

Get to know the appearance tab and the widget tab, enter these tabs and browse a little while you have your website in another window open so you can see how their design works.


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