How To Grow Your Website

In this world of the internet there is quite a lot of competition and in order to grow you must differentiate yourself from the rest so if you want to know how to grow your website, here I will mention some tips, putting them into practice will put you on the right path.


Be original:

If you want to be successful, you have to differentiate yourself and to differentiate yourself you have to be original,

If you want to talk about the same topic that is spoken on other sites, avoid copying the information and putting it on your website, you can talk about the same topic and be original at the same time, everyone can talk about the same topic using their own words.

So be yourself when talking about any topic, talk like when you talk to a friend, well I suggest avoiding rudeness of course, but try to explain the topics in your own words.

If you want to give yourself ideas, it is okay to visit other websites, but if you want to add those ideas to your website do it your way, with your words, it is obvious that you will deal with topics that others deal with but do so by putting your own footprint on it.


May Your Goal Be To Help

When you go to write a post or a page, try to do it with information that is useful for people, avoid flooding your website with empty words information or simply to fill your publications or pages.

If you are going to write many paragraphs, try to have something valuable in them.

But if you have a lot of cumbersome paragraphs with empty words, better eliminate them.

Also, avoids just putting rickety information, you have to find a balance.

A good tip to achieve balance is to try to be as detailed as possible, so your information will be more useful and at the same time it will be more coarse.

Also, many times in the details is the difference that they follow you and others do not.



A Keyword is a word or phrase that has relevance in search engines.

One of the things that you have to pay attention to when creating a publication or a page is to use the correct keywords, look for keywords that do not have too much competition to make it better for you and your website.

Try to add your keyword in your title and in some of your first paragraphs.

Avoid supersaturating your publication with keywords, search engines look for quality and original information so you have to have very found the information from the previous point.

In other words, use a keyword in your title and repeat it in the first paragraphs only once, avoid overexposing it and focus on the information that really must be valuable and written how do you speak, as we said previously.

That your information is written as naturally as possible and not forced by the keyword.


Include Images

There are people who like to read and if they see a lot of paragraphs with pure letters there is no problem, but for most people the images are important, also after reading a paragraph and seeing an image that has to do with the paragraph It makes you rest a bit from the letters and you entertain yourself a little with the image.

The reason why images are important is that we are very visual, sometimes they introduce us to someone and we do not remember their name but if we see them again we will recognize them again just by seeing their face.

So if you include images to your publications it will be more comfortable for your readers, in addition to the fact that images always give more life and color to a site and make it more attractive.

So my recommendation is that after one or more paragraphs it is good to put an image, your site will thank you.

Now when you use images for your site avoid putting copyrighted images, it is better to look for sites with images that are copyright free and that you can use on your site without any problem

There are several sites with images free of copyright, you can search in the search engine and you will have several results, but if you want me to recommend you that recommendation would be

Spend Time

If you want your website to grow, you should dedicate time to it, set a goal of uploading x number of posts per week. And meet that goal every week.

The more posts you upload quality and you can constantly get a considerable number of followers faster. Using the advice in the points mentioned above those followers will get them.

How long can you see tangible results?

Do not despair, perhaps you will not see results a week, or a month, and even so you have to go ahead publishing quality information constantly, if you continue like this in months you will already start to see results.

It all depends on whether you have also used the advice proposed here.

But if you want me to give you examples to give you an idea, there are people who after three months start to see results, publishing at least once a day.

At 6 months they are making enough money to reinvest in their business.

And after a year they already have a business running, earning considerably well.

It is true that there are people.



If you want to grow correctly and develop your website so that it has many visitors and can make money with the duty to comply with these points.

Original or original information to be more clear, help your followers with useful information, always use keywords avoiding their over saturation, include images and dedicate time and discipline to your website.

If you follow these points in time, your website will grow without a doubt.

Follow your dreams


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