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Create Your Own Product

Sell your own digital products online might be a good idea, however you should be clear about several points for your product to be successful.

Choosing The Niche


Maybe in the world of affiliate marketing, you have already promoted the products of other sellers, maybe you have bought products and subscribed to courses within a niche, and you have been learning about that niche for some time, and you feel ready to create your product itself, this may be a very good idea.

But perhaps you already know of a particular topic because it is something you are passionate about and in case you have already acquired information over time and without having acquired that information within the mud of internet marketing, if not throughout the years you have that information because you were living with it in your life. If so, you can use your experience and create your own product.

For example, if you worked as a chef in a restaurant and learned many recipes in your experience or simply at home you were always the one who cooked, and you have a world of recipes, you can create a digital product using the experience you have in that niche.

You can create an Ebook of cooking recipes.

Almost any topic you find is likely to have a niche, however to be sure you will have to google to see if there really is a niche. Go to the pages that talk about the topic you chose and search if there are ads referring to your niche if so, then it is more than proven that the topic you chose has people interested in it.

However, if you have noticed that the topic you chose has a lot of competition, then perhaps you should be more specific in your niche and choose a sub niche. For example on the subject of cooking recipes, you can choose the following niches, cooking recipes for vegetarians, cooking recipes for dieters, cooking recipes eat rich and healthy, chicken cooking recipes, fish cooking recipes etc.



In which Presentation To Sell Your Product

You can sell your product in various presentations such as an Ebook in PDF or EPUB format, sell your product in video format, sell your product in audio. Or maybe you want to design a marketing strategy using several or all of the formats I just identified.

In whatever format you have chosen to make your product, you must group the information of the minor mayor, that is, structure or divide the content of your products by topic and each topic has its subtopic. For this better program, it is a good idea to index the location of the information on the first pages, or at the beginning of the video or at the beginning of the fall and at the end put a conclusion.



A face For Your Product

You will have to create a face for your product, that is, people want to see what you are going to buy so you must give a cover to present your product, this is the name Ecover on the internet, you can hire someone to design the Ecover for you. The Ecover is important because it gives the client the feeling that they are buying something physical, even if it is digital

Sales Letter

If you already have your product and your Ecover ready, you should now have the sales letter ready, which has been like a letter where you persuade the client that your product is what they need.

You can also hire someone to make your sales letter, but you can also do it yourself, you only have to include the following ingredients in your sales letter, you must attract the attention of your prospects, to achieve this you must know that what they see first the people in your sales letter is their heading and the subtitles so it is these parts where you should attract attention, after you have the attention of your prospects you should cause their interest to grow or at least remain throughout the entire reading of the sales letter, and while you are managing the interest you must also be generating the desire to acquire your product from your prospect, and finally the call to action, that is, asking them to click on the purchase button or link.

To generate the correct emotions you should focus on the results of the product that you promote and the emotions that those results generate and it is the latter that you must highlight in your sales letter, that is, if you sell a recipe book to be healthy, Tell them that with this you will feel and see better, that your body will lose its extra kilos, of course you will tell them this as long as it is true, you must always say true information.

In your sales letter you must integrate testimonials, if you have already sold the product before, get testimonials from people who bought it and who share the benefits of buying your product, if you have not sold your product but you can get testimonials of what is in You can include your product, for example in the example of cooking recipes you can include the testimonies of people who have tried your recipes before without the need for these people to have bought your recipe book.

You should also include a warranty section, if people are not happy with your product they will feel bad for having spent their money on it, but if they have the opportunity to return your money for something that did not convince them then you will win credibility, and other people will take this into consideration and buy you more.

At the end you have a summary of why they should buy your product and generates a feeling of urgency for them to buy now at the very moment they read your sales letter.

Search the Internet for sales letters to serve as an example and give you a better idea.

Other Tips

When you have a product such as an Ebook, the information that you are providing includes links to buy things that they will need to carry out something that you are teaching them, and you will earn money every time they buy through that. Link, in the example of kitchen recipes for healthy eating, put a link for kitchen recipes for healthy eating at Christmas for example, or to buy a kitchen utensil, or ingredients etc.

Sell Your Product

To sell your product you can do it through advertising on other people’s sites, or if you already have a list created you can promote your product through your list, and of course you can use the affiliate marketing strategy to sell your product, that is to say that other marketers promote your product and give them a commission for each sale.




Selling your own digital product can be a good idea, but you must take into account that there is a niche, you must take into account for your product an Ecover, a sales letter, and be clear about how you are going to sell your product.

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