Social Networks In Business

In another post, talk about YouTube and its importance to your online business.

But YouTube is not the only social network that you can get hold of.

There are several and taking them into account is important to make yourself known within the niche

That is why it is important to open an account on the main social networks.




Special Social Media Accounts For Your Niche

If you already have one or more social media accounts, I recommend that you open new niche-specific accounts for your business, in them you must share useful information for your business or related to your business,

Avoid sharing or publishing information about politics, negative news about natural disasters, etc., remember that these accounts are aimed at a specific niche for a public and that you should always respect.

Customize your accounts:

You must make people see that you are dedicated to a niche and that you are professional with it, that is why you must personalize your accounts with that intention. Your profile picture, your Header, the description about you, everything should reflect that you are a person who knows about your niche so that you become a kind of magnet for people who are looking for information that you can give them.

And also as far as possible you are going to try to add to your accounts people that you think are interested in your niche.

You are going to publish information related to your niche as I said in the previous point.

What Social Networks To Use

Facebook: It is a very important social network where you will find many people interested in your niche, it is indisputable that you have a Facebook account focused on your niche.

YouTube: As I mentioned in a previous post, it is a very important tool that can serve as a beam up your sleeve, there are even those who practically use YouTube as their main activity.

Instagram: people are very visual and you can take advantage of this to your advantage with this social network, plus you can use it to connect with people in your niche.

TikTok: a very popular short video application, make funny videos about your niche, or serious but interesting videos about your niche to attract followers, it is a tool that you should keep in mind.

Twitter: This is how this social network is one of the most important that exists and you should take advantage of that, you can also use this social network to publish information from other social networks of yours, for example YouTube, so you will have more opportunities to spread the information seeds of your niche .

You can use strategies on other social networks that you consider but the ones that I just mentioned seem essential to your business.

Synergy Of Your Social Networks Towards Your Business

Make all your social networks interconnect with your website.

This way you will have more followers and therefore more sales in the future.

On any social network whenever possible, make a link to your website.

If you use Facebook and want to promote a product do not paste the link in a post, better make a post with an image or information that talks about the product and ask people to ask for information with a comment and then by a private message you tell them about the product And there if you can put your link on the product or course that you are promoting. Facebook there are things that it allows and things that it doesn’t.

So in each social network you should see that this strategy is used to respect its rules.

When you share information on your social networks avoid spamming, do not share information about your product or course individually with people if they did not ask you before or if you have not even greeted or talked to them before.

It is annoying when someone desperately tries to sell you something. Avoid doing this.

When you treat the information on your social networks, try to help people with valuable information, if you are going to talk about a product, try to provide information that helps people make a decision, invite people to ask you for more information. And then you already provide the most specific information to make it a sale, in the case of YouTube for example, if you can invite people to click on a link in the description.

Don’t Neglect Your Followers On Social Media

Sometimes there is someone who asks you for information about a product or course, and when you talk to them about it they buy from you immediately, but there are other clients who take longer to make a decision, do not neglect them because they can buy later.

Customers who ever buy is easier to keep buying other things later.

It is also important to note that social networks are to attract people to your website or to a capture page, to have them as followers or / and members of your email list.

Prevent your business from focusing 100% only on social media without having a livelihood website,

Because the rules on social media can change and you may not be able to do business on them in the future, but if you have a website then you will have something more solid.


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Social networks are very important for your business, both to attract followers or fans and to convert them into followers on your website or email list.

Your social networks must reflect your niche, so you must personalize them for that purpose, want social media to be a magnet in your niche

However, you must use social networks for information and to create personal relationships with your fans or followers, but you should avoid spamming.

Although social networks are important, do not base 100% of your business on them, remember that you must have a solid website for your business.

Avoid neglecting your website, by distracting yourself with social networks. Remember that your website is the place with valuable information for your followers and your goal is that they go to your website to add them to your email list through a capture page.


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