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In this publication I want to talk to you about the successful mindset and recommend some books

Today I want to complement the previous post with the mentality of success:

There have been examples throughout history of how mindset is key for people to get what they want,

Players of some sport that without having exceptional qualities in their sport due to practice, persistence, fighting and their winning mentality, outperformed other athletes who had better sports skills but did not have the same mentality.

That example can be applied to political figures in history, inventors, scientists, humanitarian, etc.

Here is the importance of the success mindset that will be useful for your online business.

Open Mind

If you want to develop in any field you must have an open mind, you must listen to what other people say, analyze what they say and consider possibilities, you must avoid throwing everything away without first analyzing.

For example, there are people who say they want to make a lot of money, but when they are told about affiliate marketing, they immediately describe it as not working, that they are lies, etc.

If these people opened their minds and only considered the possibility that they are real businesses, and began to investigate, they would realize the great opportunity that these types of businesses are and they could take advantage of them.

But these people did not even consider that possibility, and therefore did not investigate about that type of business and lost an opportunity to change their lives.

And of course there are many things on the internet and in the world that say they are business and they are not, but you have to be careful when labeling something because you can let go of a great opportunity, perhaps the opportunity of a lifetime, just for not considering possibilities, just for not having an open mind.

And that open mind is what I ask to read the following points.

Find Your Reason

There is a force that keeps you on the path to what you have set for yourself .

And I don’t mean a bulky amount of money.

I don’t mean a big house or even multiple houses,

Nor am I referring to a sports car.

I mean something deeper, perhaps immaterial, more important.

I really mean why you wish you had all the above.

In this world of internet marketing, I have known people that their motivation is to spend more time with their family, or to dedicate more time to their children, to see them grow, to enjoy their stages that perhaps with another activity they were not going to be able to do.

I’ve also known of people who do it to feel free from a grumpy boss, from being their own boss, from taking charge of their lives.

And other people because they want to build something of their own, leave a legacy, that their life leaves a mark.

These last three examples are valuable and important motivations that make people get more money than they had before, a better house, or a better car. They focused on something deeper and more valuable.

And that is what you must achieve to find your why, why you want to do or achieve something.

If you want to know more about it a book that takes it much more deeply is the following: Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action the author is Simon Sinek in case you want to read it.

Do The Most Important Task First

Content goes here. Remember the previous post, he talked about planning tasks the day before and establishing a schedule to complete them.

Well, good advice is to do the most difficult and important task at the beginning.

There is a temptation to leave the most difficult until the last, to postpone what bothers us, to look at the easiest things to do and start there.

But in your daily tasks you must start with the most important and the most difficult, and create a discipline to always do that.

With them you will gain in efficiency, you will avoid delays, and you will gain productivity in your business. 

A book that talks about this, and that offers you different strategies to configure your daily plan is Eat That Frog !: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time, the author is Brian Tracy. I recommend you to read it.

Think About What You Want And Fight For It

Take a paper and pen, write down what you want to earn in your business and it was specified, write down an amount of 3000 dollars for example, it could be more, it could be less, what I want you to be specific.

Write down in what time you want to achieve that amount of money, it was also specified for example in three months.

Now write down everything you are going to do to achieve that amount of money, write down your strategy what things you will be willing to do to achieve your goal.

Things do not come in exchange for anything so you have to write down what you are going to do in exchange for achieving that amount of money in that certain time.

Now that you’ve written all that down on paper, put the paper away and read it out loud at least twice a day, when you get up and before you go to sleep.

You should read it every day, every day, until you achieve your goal.

And you must be excited so that a force within you flows so that you are inspired for each day to fight to get what you want.

This strategy works you just have to comply with what you wrote down on the paper and complete the exercise.

This strategy is taken from a Napoleon Hill book called Think and Grow Rich.

In this book he explains how the central idea of this strategy has helped great personalities to achieve their goals, I recommend that you read it is really interesting and inspiring and you will find the importance of why do the exercises that I just mentioned.

Each of these books you can get by clicking on the name of the book will take you to amazon in case you want to buy it there.


Remembers that I told you that it is important to have an open mind, if you have an open mind and apply this knowledge to your business, perhaps you thank yourself for considering applying these tips.


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