Understanding Your Prospects To Customers



Understanding Your Prospects

For your prospects to become clients you must provoke an internal change in them; remember when you made the change from prospect to client in some niche? I recommend that you do introspection and analyze what were the changes that happened in you. Understanding your prospects to customers is very important.

Finding the reasons why a prospect becomes a customer will help us generate more customers, but for that we must find the correct answers, so in this publication I am going to give you some clues to find those answers.


Feelings And Emotions

People are sentient beings and you must realize what feelings there are in your prospects to know how to direct them to become clients.

For example if you have a prospect who wants to build his own website and earn money from it, but does not know how, you must deduce what feelings he has or what feelings he is going through or even if you have already gone through so remember what feelings are what you had .

Most likely he was frustrated, lost, confused, overwhelmed.

So what you want is to seek to generate the opposite feelings with your product and you are going to present the opportunity to acquire the feelings you need to feel better.

For example, what you want is for your customer’s mind to add the idea that if they buy your product they will feel confident, confident, that they know which direction to take and that everything is clear, happy and that a weight has been lifted above.

Of course, your product and service must really generate the solutions to your client’s problems so that they really generate those feelings.

You always have to be honest and speak the truth.



Another thing that changes a person when they convert from prospects to customers is their routine.

Let’s go back to the example of the person who wants to be successful with your website.

When a person wants to build a web page but does not know the right path, the tools or the demands that this entails, he usually carries a routine, with distractions, without specific schedules, without discipline.

So what you are looking for with your product is that your client commits to generate changes in his routine so that he achieves success. And you also want your client to realize it, you want your client to realize that there has to be a change in their actions and decisions for it to be successful.

One of the actions you are looking for your prospect to take, is to invest in their training and tools to achieve their goal, well, the ideal is to invest in your product or service.

And as a client, integrate discipline, schedules and daily tasks into your routine.

State Of Mind

One of the things that changes between prospects when they become clients and that use the knowledge acquired in your course or product, is their mental state.

We will continue with the same example of the person who wants to be successful with your website. To be successful in anything you set your mind to, it is always good to have a positive state of mind, be enthusiastic and focus your energy on your goals. What you are looking for is to start generating this mindset in your prospect so that he becomes a customer and you also want your customer to realize that a positive mindset is a key ingredient in business.


What Did Your Prospect Win By Becoming A Customer?

Another thing you have to pay attention to is what your prospect earns when he becomes a client, for example if your client does not have a website or has a poorly made website, what he gains when acquiring your product is obtaining the knowledge and adequate tools to have a website and optimal to have the possibility of generating money with it. But do not focus on the knowledge or tools, but rather focus on the solution that causes that knowledge or tools. And in the emotion that it generates in the client when acquiring that solution.

What you are looking for is that your client realizes it, but going back to the feelings, you must make him feel the feeling that with your product he will feel satisfied to build his website so that he wants to acquire it.

You must show your prospects the solution to their problems

Other Points

What I want to explain is that you realize that things change in your prospect when you become a client when acquiring your product or service, the feelings, your routine and the mentality and some solution to a problem and generate the desire to acquire the solution.

I use the example of the person who wants to create your website, but you must take these points into account also depending on which niche you work in.

You could say that feelings or emotions always go into each of the above aspects so take that into account.


One of the best ways to know what is in your prospects’ minds and help them become customers is to be clear about the feelings and changes in their person they will cause when purchasing your products or services. And let them know, always concentrating on feelings or emotions.

You should focus on your prospect realizing the solutions they get when purchasing your product and not on the tools or knowledge to achieve those solutions.

I hope that the information has helped you to better understand your prospects and to make them happy and frequent customers.

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What change in you when acquiring an affiliate product?

Have you been excited to read information to purchase a product?

After purchasing the product you bought, did it solve your problem and make you feel as you expected?

Were there products that changed your mental state?

Were there products that changed your routine?


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