Wealthy Affiliate My Opinion And A Small Review


If you want to make money through a website you must have certain knowledge that will help you achieve it. In the same way, to position your website within the internet world and within your niche, it is best to have the knowledge to get to that point.

One of the affiliate programs that offer you knowledge so that you can be successful online is Wealthy Affiliate, and I am part of this community of friends who support each other and now I come to talk to you about this affiliate program, that is why this post is called Wealthy Affiliate My Opinion.


What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy affiliate is one of the affiliate programs that I liked the most, in this program they teach you to build your website from scratch, within the program you can get your domain and your website, it is very well planned, it teaches you step to I pass the things necessary for you to succeed with your website, they have video tutorials, as well as written information.

In addition to all the above, it is a community of friends, where you meet people who have the same interests in highlighting their online business, you can interact with other members of the community, you can ask them for advice, or you can give advice as well.

Everything is structured in such a way that it boosts your website with a scheme where some members support each other, since when you upload a new article to your website, you can ask the members of the Wealthy Affiliate community to give you their opinion on the article in question or on the general appearance of your page, if they find errors they will tell you as well as they will advise you to improve in the aspects that you had not noticed.


What Is In Wealthy Affiliate Program?

There is a place for your profile, where you place your photo and write information about yourself and your tastes, so the people of the community can feel more identified with you, and likewise you can know more about the people who think and participate in this community.

Below I will give you a small review of each of the tabs that you can find in Wealthy Affiliate once you have become a subscriber.

Dashboard: in this tab you can find an update on the people who have recently become Premium members, also in this same tab you can find a top 10 of the day’s posts, as well as comments, there is also an area where you can see the latest questions from the community, and you can also find the new blogs from community members, as well as other things community members share to demonstrate their achievements from what they learned in this program.

Training: in this tab, you can see the courses that this affiliate program includes, where you can also see your progress, which courses you are missing and how complete you have the tasks. Everything they teach you in the courses is incredible, you can learn about keywords, about web positioning, about affiliate programs on social networks in your business, key information to make money with your website and a long etc.

Websites: in this tab you can see everything related to your websites that you have in Wealthy Affiliate, since there are other tabs such as Site Manager, Site Builder, Site Domains, Site Content, Site Comments, Site Feedback, Site Support, which by its name, you can imagine what they are about.

Live Events: in this tab you can find live courses or webinars that deal with online business, or you can find in a calendar when these courses are going to take place live so that you can subscribe to them and take advantage of them. And not only that but you can also see the webinars that were saved and that you could not see live.

Research: in this tab you can take advantage of a keyword search engine, where they show you important data about the keywords so that you can make a decision on which ones to use and which ones not. In this place you can also find other tabs that have to do with keywords and they are really very practical tools to use in your online business.

Affiliate Programs: in this tab you can find several affiliate program suggestions that you can recommend, it is really interesting to see that they have affiliate programs in various market niches.

Live Chat: here you can find a live chat where members of the community interact with questions and discussions on topics related to online businesses.

Help Center: in this area you can locate different icons so that you can click on them depending on the type of help you need, such as Site Support, Ask a Question, Live Chat. Private Message. As well as the icons of the photos of people who can help you.

Upper Bar

At the top of your Wealthy affiliate page there is a notice of how long it will take for your next monthly payment and do not miss it, a good idea to continue enjoying the courses and tools of this program.

Below that notice there is a search engine so you can ask questions or search for something within Wealthy Affiliate.

On one side of that search engine there are several icons:

A pencil (this icon is used to choose an option to write an article for the community, create training, a blog in WA, Build a Website, Find a Domain).

“W” (in this icon you can see how many credits you have or have earned thanks to your interaction with the community because you can earn credits for example by commenting on articles from other members of the community).

$ (here you can find everything related to the Wealty Affiliate program, such as referrals, banners, links, etc).

Airplane (here you can find the bases of a contest of a super conference in Las Vegas that is held annually, you can find the details in that icon).

A bell (it is to alert you about the latest WA notifications for you)

An envelope (to notify you about the latest messages you have).


My Opinion

As you can see, this affiliate program is very complete, in reality they are taking you little by little, step by step to build your website in the best way and turn it into a business, you have courses that include videos and writings, as well as you can find live webinars with valuable information for your online businesses, it also has a keyword search engine and tools to optimize your keyword searches, and last but not least a community with which you can exchange opinions and request and offer help, And if that wasn’t enough, you can request help from your Personal Coach.

In other words, my opinion is that it is a very complete program for all the information you can find there, for all the help and for all the boost that a community can give you. It really is something that I recommend if you want to be part of this opportunity to learn or / and to make money this is the link where you can become a member.



Wealthy Affiliate is an Affiliate program that teaches you step by step to build your website in the best way, includes several courses, help and tools to improve your online business.



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