What Is Lead Magnet

What Is A Lead Magnet

The lead magnet is a gift that is offered to your followers so that they become your subscribers.

When you see an advertisement on a web page where you see that they give you a product in exchange for your email, that product is the lead magnet, so you can already answer the question of What is lead magnet?

Perhaps you have already acquired one or more magnet leads and you have not reflected on its function and characteristics, so here I am going to mention the characteristics that a lead magnet must have, as well as how they influence or should influence your prospects.

You will also learn that a lead magnet is part of a whole strategy, and not just a gift for your prospects, there are more things that you should take into account if you want to use a lead magnet to give to your followers.

What Characteristics Should They Have?

There are several things that your lead magnet must have, for example it must be specific to the niche, which you are managing.

You must give them quality, true information that will solve a problem or satisfy a wish.

They are offered on capture pages or landing pages.

They are represented by means of an Ecover, which is a visual representation of a digital product. In other words, it gives your lead magnet a physical appearance at least visually so that it is better assimilated by your prospects.

You have to take into account that when the prospect acquires your product, the product must be fast but effective, that is, if you are going to give an E boohttps://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/content/edit/659334#k that is one of a few pages, 20 pages or perhaps 30 would be fine, but not many anymore that people want to solve their problems quickly, so in your lead magnet you must be direct with your information, specify and deliver quality content.

In the videos or webinars that are delivered as lead magnet, you should also look for them to last not long, if you can make them last an hour it’s fine, although I’ve seen webinars that last 2 hours.

Although there are very few exceptions, almost all lead magnets must be created with the intention of being read or seen quickly. And as I say, there are exceptions here I leave you in a link where the lead magnet is precisely a complete course on affiliate marketing. This is a complete course that is crazy.

In the lead magnet you must deliver quality information but do not give all the information on the subject you are dealing with, since the missing information can be delivered to another product but in exchange for a purchase.

The lead magnet serves as a gift for your prospects to leave you their email.

Within the lead magnet, you will solve a problem for your prospect, but thanks to the fact that you already have his email, you will try to solve other problems related to the first one with products that you will promote through the emails that you will send later.

In your lead magnet you must be honest with the information, deliver quality, it is your opportunity to present yourself to your prospects as the ideal person to help them solve their problems, that is why you must deliver a lead magnet that speaks well of you through the Reliable and quality content, if you can make your experience in the niche look subtly, you will be creating an image of prominent position or authority in your niche that can help your prospects.

Your gift or lead magnet must have current information that is still working.

What Impact Should The Lead Magnet Cause?

Your prospect should feel like they really took advantage of an opportunity by purchasing your gift or lead magnet.

You must bring about a mental and emotional change in your prospect to convert her from prospect to customer, to awaken in her a desire to grow in your niche and to consider you as the right person to help her achieve her goal.

Prospects when consuming your lead magnet must want to know more, be excited and willing to continue on the path.

  Other Points To Consider

Since you are going to deliver a quality product to your prospect that generates a feeling that you are an authority in the niche, you must ensure that this is the case. You must be prepared to solve doubts, and you must be aware that the products that you later offer also solve problems effectively.

In other words, avoid deceiving your prospects, always be honest and try to be prepared to offer them the best help when they need it or to deliver good products in the future.

If you do not do the above, chances are that your customers will disappear over time.

What Is Behind A Lead Magnet?

Behind your gift or lead magnet you must have an internet marketing strategy, you must have other emails ready that you will send to your prospects, all this in a strategic and orderly manner.

That is, when you deliver a lead magnet, ideally you already have a strategy prepared. And to carry out this strategy, a good autoresponder is what you need, among other things.


The lead magnet is a gift that contains quality information and that helps to solve a problem in a very specific niche.

Lead magnet is a strategy to get emails from your prospects.

This gift you give to your prospects is the opportunity you have to present yourself as a person of authority in your niche, and to let them know that you are the right person to help them. You must build trust for them to later buy your products.

Thanks for reading this post and I hope it has helped you in some way.

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