What Is Web Traffic


Web traffic is the number of users who visit a website. Web traffic is measured by various tools and helps us to know how much influence a website has on the internet, as well as its importance and scope thanks to its popularity.

Now that you know what web traffic is, let’s see what other things are related to web traffic.

Advantages Of Having More Traffic On Our Website

Having a good amount of traffic on our website has several advantages, thanks to the fact that it will help us to have a greater reach, and influence in a specific niche. And having good web traffic, will help us to increase subscriptions to our website and email list, it will help us to increase the loyalty of our subscribers, in the same way it will help us to increase the number of people who become customers of our products or the products we are promoting.

Another advantage of having a good amount of web traffic is that we can monetize our website, with ads, and earn money every time someone clicks on the ads on our website.

Imagine that you are looking for a place to eat in the city and you see some restaurants alone and others full, you immediately think that the restaurants with the largest number of people have the most delicious food, that is, those restaurants just by having more people eating there, they are earning A good reputation, likewise a highly visited website, is also generating a reputation and that is another advantage of a generous amount of traffic for our website, as people can even recommend us on social media or word of mouth.

How To Get More Traffic To Our Website?

Organic traffic: This form of traffic is the one you get thanks to your quality content and optimized with keywords, since it has to do with people finding you on the internet through an internet search engine, for example through the search engine. Google.

Paid traffic: It is the one made by investing an amount of money to pay ads on other websites or social networks. Surely you have seen ads on web pages that clicking on them send you to another website or ads on Facebook, or commercials on YouTube that invite you to click on a link that also takes you to another website, well this is paid traffic.

Social Networks: You can also generate free traffic through social networks and not only paid as previously discussed, bringing free traffic from your social networks to your website is thanks to marketing strategies, there are things you have to consider as you have Social networks only for your businesses and not mixing your business social networks with other types of things. You must generate trust and an image of authority in your niche, among other things that are part of another topic.

Email: this type of traffic can be related to clicking on an advertisement on a website and leaving your email on a capture page of said advertisement, but since you left your email, later you will receive emails that may contain links to other content pages in addition to taking you to promotions and products.

An Tip

However, to have a growth in your traffic, it is essential that you have quality content. Going back to the restaurant example, imagine that you have just set up a restaurant, and a few people come to try the food to see how it tastes, well yes These people liked the food, they will continue to come to the restaurant constantly and they will be loyal customers, and also as the food is really tasty, more people will come and become a frequent customer by eating the food that is sold in the restaurant since it is Food with good flavor, and people will recommend this restaurant until they have many customers who visit the place constantly. Well it is the same with a website, if you have quality information the number of people who visit your site will increase and so will subscribers and customers, since your traffic will be growing.

Advantages Of Measuring Traffic And How To Measure It

To launch a marketing campaign, it is a good idea to check the traffic of other web pages in your niche, since there are tools that serve in addition to analyzing traffic and analyzing other parameters related to it. For example, you can obtain information about which country visitors to a certain website come from, how many visitors are women and how many are men, how old they are, among other things.

All those data that you can get with these tools can be used to launch a marketing strategy, or to improve your website, you can also use these tools to analyze your website, and thanks to the data acquired, take actions to improve the conversion of your website and increase traffic.

To measure web traffic and other things related to it there are several tools such as Alexa.com, Google AdPlaner and URL Trends. To mention some examples but you can find more of this type of tools on the internet.



Web traffic is the number of people who visit a website.

Increasing traffic on your website has several advantages, but to obtain such traffic growth, you need to optimize your website for organic traffic, or by paying for ads on other websites or on social networks.

There are several data that emerge or are related to web traffic, this data can be analyzed with special tools for it and with the analysis you can improve your website and generate marketing strategies.

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  2. I agree, traffic is very important for any website, and is basically the ‘life force’ of an online business. Without traffic, we can’t make any sales! Up to now, my biggest focus has been on organic traffic and SEO, with a little bit of social media. I have never really thought about email marketing, but will definitely look into it when the time is right. Thank you for the interesting article, I learned a couple of new things.

  3. Thanks for this simple definition of what web traffic is. And it seems there are several ways to go shoot obtaining it and increasing it on your site.

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