What’s Affiliates Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process by which your promotion is someone else’s product, and if you get sales to be made for that promotion you earn a commission.

Or create a product and have someone else promote it and generate profits for both of you.

With some products you can earn more commission than with others,

Some product creators have a better score than others, you should look at that, their experience and give them confidence.

Each company has its own terms, you should pay attention to that carefully.

The time they deposit your earnings is also different with each company.

How Long Can You Make Money In Affiliate Marketing


The first thing you should know is that it is a serious business and as serious as it is you must dedicate time, every day you must be building your business.

If you really dedicate time and effort to your business, you also do the right things and in the right way, you can make money in months, but it is also true that there are those who have taken about a year to make considerable profits, it all depends on the time you dedicate to your business every day.

There are also people who can tell you that they have made a lot of money in a few days, and maybe it is true, but what it doesn’t tell you is that in order to earn that money in a few days, I develop experience time and build a system in advance.

You can really make money in affiliate marketing. The important thing is to maintain consistency, publish quality information on your website and have the necessary tools to make your business flow the right way.


What Things Do I Need to Do Affiliate Marketing

You have to choose a market niche, I recommend that it be something that you liked a lot and that you know about it, so that it is easier for you to produce information, the more specific you are in your niche the better.

A website with its own domain for you to upload quality information and constantly about your niche.

The product you chose in your specific niche, can be digital or physical.

The affiliate link:It is the link that you will share so that your prospects click on it to buy the product and you can earn a commission on sales

An auto responder, landing page, sales funnel 

If you want a program with all of the above integrated, become a partner here or enjoy their free course.

Marketing strategy: Here you can use free marketing on Facebook, YouTube and other social networks, or you can use the ads social media strategy,

Perseverance: avoid despair at first as I told you before this can take months but if you continue like this with all the attitude and doing it with quality you can make good money.

Disciplineyou must have a harmony in your way of working, always get up at the same time, dedicate the same hours every day to your business, it is a business, it is something that will give you money, knowledge and satisfaction, you want to do it well then discipline is something important that you will have to integrate into your life.


Sites Where You Can Find Products to Promote:

there are multiple places where you can find what to promote I am going to mention just three as an example but I repeat there are many places

Clickbank: It has a lot of categories in physical products like digital
from games, e-marketing, parenting and families to home & garden etc:

Amazon affiliate: Perhaps the name of Amazon sounds familiar to you and if it also has an affiliate program with multiple categories, I invite you to visit its page to find out everything there is.

Share a Sale: Home & Garden, Fashion among others.

A program that I highly recommend is to learn everything related to affiliate marketing and it is free if you want to register, click here

Which Niche to Choose

I recommend that you choose a niche that you like and that you have information about it, since it will be easier for you to build your website with valuable content that is related to your product that you chose.

If you can be as specific as possible, if you like clothes, what kind of clothes? woman’s, girl’s? as specific as possible.

Remember that you can also make a product yourself, a digital manual of something you know, perhaps a manual on how to cook vegetarian food, or how to make paper figures for children, or perhaps how to draw cartoons.

So keep all this in mind to decide your niche, if you create or promote something that already exists.


Choose a niche that you like, feel comfortable and have information about it.
Decide if you are going to create the product or promote one made.
If you are going to promote one done, check the products in your niche and compare to see what suits you best, check how much they pay and when, also compare the sellers their experience and score.

When you have your tools, web page, self-reply etc, take care that your website has quality information, original and striking, that will serve the people who visit you to come back.

and remember that the results will not be seen immediately, but when you finally achieve it that you are mastering your strategy, that you have gained experience, and have good results, I recommend that you grow and expand to another niche and what worked for you in the first one apply it in the second, and so on up to where you plan to grow

Stand firm over time a business does not happen overnight

Remember to emulate what worked for you and apply it to other niches that you like since you have been successful in your first niche.

As advice stay informed about what happens on the internet sometimes the rules of the game change and you will have to have that information

And that’s it I hope this post has worked for you and that you palliate it and be successful.


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