Why Do Webinar



Why do Webinar? webinars are video presentations of someone who wants to share a seminar, class, or information about anything.

To give classes: There are virtual universities or physical universities with their virtual branch where live classes are transmitted through videos, and these videos can be saved for later review by the student. Under special conditions such as the pandemic, classes in this type of format multiplied for obvious reasons in different parts of the world.

Presentation of projects

Many companies opt for technology to present projects to other companies through live presentations, in a room full of people they are attentive to a presentation by someone who is on the other side of the world and in this presentation there may be interaction, questions and answers between the one who is giving the presentation and those who are receiving it.

Webinars have also been used in internet marketing as we will see below:


To Present A Product

At the launch of a product, a certain promotion is carried out by email, for example, and the attendees listen to the news of the product, regularly in this presentation questions are answered and at the end the product by launch is announced with a special price.

To Give A Workshop


This strategy is used to teach people through a live workshop, either free or at cost, about a multitude of things, such as a workshop to learn how to set up and use an autoresponder, this workshop regularly serves to promote other products related to the workshop at the end of the presentation, or you can promote another workshop with more depth on the same topic or a related topic but at a cost, or at a higher cost depending on the marketing strategy.

Strategy Widely Used In Affiliate Marketing

The webinar is widely used in this type of marketing. There are those who promote you by commercials on YouTube about a workshop to learn how to make money online, you enter the webinar, leave your email to access the webinar and see the entire presentation and at the last they make you an offer, if you do not accept it you can accept others that they send you later since you have already left your email.

It is a very good strategy since these events are regularly held live and you have the opportunity to meet the person who presents the webinar and see if it generates confidence, emotion or respect, which is very important for many people when it comes to decide if they buy a product or service since there is a person on the other side who will be conveying feelings that give him certainty about this decision.

Webinars are generally alerted to your followers that it is going to take place on a predetermined date and time, so many people are watching this webinar at the same time, which makes the main feature of this type of format.

But many people because of their work hours or any other situation are not going to be able to enter the webinar, that’s why almost all the webinars that are done in affiliate marketing leave a recording of the live webinar so that people who could not attend but who they registered they can see it later and take advantage of the information that was presented

There and perhaps take advantage of the offers presented at the end of the webinar.

If you plan to do affiliate marketing or some other type of internet marketing, the webinar is an excellent tool to be able to relate more closely to your followers, remembering that they are people and you are there to help them solve something.

If you use this strategy you should give some valuable information to your followers, but obviously avoiding giving too much information, because you want to sell that other information in the form of a course or with a digital product at the end of the presentation. So i your webinar attendees can be happy to learn something by attending this event and also happy to meet you and thus feel more encouraged to buy you at the end of the webinar or if not later through your emails since they already They knew you and could perhaps generate a good image of you. A tip is to be yourself, or rather be yourself.

The important thing that you must take care of in this type of presentations, in addition to giving valuable information to your subscribers, is to maintain clarity and respect in your presentations, generate interest in what you are talking about and direct the information in such a way that what the offer you present at the end of the presentation want to take advantage of it.

On the other hand, there are those who leave as a bonus to a package or promotion having a certain number of personal webinars from one-to-one, to the first subscribers of said package or promotion, or even offering the webinar one by one separately for a higher price, or a weekly webinar for a select group of subscribers also for a higher price where valuable information is shared in your niche.



Webinars help share information through videos, and this feature has been exploited in several areas and of course, on the subject of internet business, webinars are an excellent tool to use as a means of promoting courses and products, as well as an opportunity. To connect with people in a more entertaining and direct way than just through letters. Remember that you must give them some valuable information, but measuring the amount of it.

Tips if the webinar is the presentation of a new program tell them why they should take advantage of that program in which it would help them to acquire it.

You can also use it as a special bonus or as a VIP area for people who pay more to get some special information.

As much as possible, you should manage the information to prevent it from appearing to be selling to people.





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